getting started with android studio

Getting Started With Android Development

Are you one among those who want to learn android development? If yes then we’ll guide you with how to get started with android development.

Before installing android studio check that your OS meets some of the basic requirements.

Basic Requirements:

1. The first and the foremost thing you’ll need a computer or laptop, that’s obvious but you’ll need a system with good / best performance because system with low performance would definitely waste your precious time and your time is very important.

2. You could see the system requirements here, Which guides you with the minimum ram, space etc (Head down to the last page).

3. You’ll need to install Android Studio. Click here to read our post on installing android studio.

3. A stable internet connection as Android Studio needs to be updated whenever required and moreover you need tutorials (if you are learning it online) on android studio, you’ll have doubts that needs to be cleared and by the way I’ll tell you no developer in the world could develop an app without getting guides from the internet, Yes no developer could do that.

4. after installing, Open Android Studio and then click on the start a new android studio project.

android studio ss 1

Now let’s build your very first android app (hello world app).

Under the Application name, rename it as Hello World and click next.

android studio ss 2

The below dialog box appears after clicking next.

android studio ss 3

In the above dialog box you need to select for which device you want to build the app.

For now you check the phone and tablet checkbox and then, select the targeted APIs and click next.

android studio ss 4

Then click on the empty activity and click next.

android studio ss 5

Then add the activity name and click finish.

Tada it’s done. You can build and run your device and you would see the message printed as Hello World.

Now there are two ways you could run and see your apps.

1. By using emulators which you could download in the android studio itself and

2. By using real android device and connecting it via USB to your laptop/PC.

Using emulators requires a good ram (at least 8 GB to perform well). So I suggest to use android devices to run your apps if you have lower end devices.


To run your apps on your device, you’ll first need to switch the developer mode on in your device and then connect it via USB and then click run, and now you could run your apps on your device.

But what if you don’t have any android device, then you could download android emulators available online and it would be faster than the android studio’s emulator. I would recommend you to download the Genymotion emulator, it’s very good and fast.

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