Top Cross-Platforms Development Software For Android And IOS

If you are a new developer and wondering which software to use? which will be convenient…….? Well, it’s simple. 

Given below are top software which you can use to use in both android development and ios development.


React-Native allows user to build apps using java script only. It uses the same design as React. These apps that users built are not web apps but the regular android and ios apps. Instead of using java and Kotlin it uses java script and React. It produces apps which are in distinguishable from native, it means it is more productive than native. Currently React Naïve only supports android an ios apps but it holds the potential to support other platforms in future.


  • Doesn’t waste time recompiling.
  • Can use native code any time you want.
  • Builds apps for both android using one language only.
  • Any updates in code of apps doesn’t require any re-release of app.


  • Resources are not available as much java or Kotlin.
  • Community is too young for any beginner to learn.
  • Updates of SDK for android or ios takes long time to synchronize with react native.
  • Need to frequently install packages.


                Xamarian is C# based it uses one language for all type of applications such as Windows, ios and Android. It targets all platforms with its single shared code based. Xamarian has native interfaces, native access native performance type which apps do not only work and look like they also behave like it. Capabilities such as art kit android multi-window mode develop Mac or PC it uses usual visual studio and world-class IDE’s.


  • It comes with sample apps for you to quickly and easy to start with.
  • It supports functionality and quality monitoring over 1000 devices simultaneously.
  • Xamarian platform allows you to share code.


  • The free version of Xamarian has limited features which lead to some compatibility issues.
  • There are some issues with libraries of the free version.


               Appcelerator is java language based single code software .which can be used for application development for both android and ios. It comes with features such as drag and drop. It singles shared code system where you can use one code for many platforms. Titanium development in it helps in native programming development.


  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It gives access information over 5000 API’s.
  • It gives powers to more than 75000 phones simultaneously.
  • It easily creates complex effects like dynamic animations.
  • It immediately provides support for new OS release type.


  • It has many support issues which have been reported quite often.
  • Lacks support for windows phones and IDE’s are slower and lagging.

Abode phone gap

Abode phone gap build is a cloud-based service built on top of the phone gap frame work. It allows you to write code HTML, CSS and JavaScript to perform a wide range of mobile applications while not losing its native features.


  • It is easy to configure extensive documentation and online support all the time.
  • It has hardware features such as GPS/location, camera and much more.
  • It offers abode AIR app and online training courses.
  • It supports in-app purchases across like the app store, google play store.
  • It helps us in saving with code reusability functions in it or all windows, ios, and android.


  • It is not used for advanced level coding.
  • Critical performance cannot be relied upon.
  • It is not suitable for intense graphics programming.
  • It has restrictive plug-ins for free version users.

Sencha Ext JS

         It purely based on java script is used to make the interactive framework for web apps and apps it has the library which easily integrates into reacting, angular, FOSS and other frameworks. It used to create data-intensive cross-platform apps that can leverage hardware acceleration techniques.


  • It features built-in native looking themes it already has in store.
  • Its backend data works with different types of software.
  • It’s a solution for rapidly developing its design.
  • It has 115+ components that help with the development of apps.


  • Its native themes are limited.
  • Commercial license featuring is not so easy to be done.

RhoMobile Suite

Rho mobile suite is java script based it uses its single code based system for developing cross-platform apps. This suite is based o Rhodes open source framework is a set of development tools for creating data-centric, cross-platform, native mobile consumer and enterprise application.

It has created a cohesive end to end development solutions for multiple device OS it’s an attractive proposition against its expensive purchases in it.


  • It has offline support data accessibility and synchronization into apps.
  • It has auto synchronization of back end data.
  • It comes along with a free eclipse plug-in it.
  • Allows a developer o generate, develop and test applications in it.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of it is RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) which it restricts. 

Native script

           Native script is an open source framework for developers to develop both android and ios. Native script is a hybrid type of software which has both JavaScript and TypeScript languages in it .developers can access native API’s and it is used in enhancing its existing features.


  • Developers can easily reuse the available plug-in npm directly in native script projects.
  • Ability to access core API’s directly makes it so easy to integrate custom modules.
  • It offers flexibility even though it is a free tool.
  • It supports hundreds of plugins to extend functionality.


  • The resources are not extensive you may not be able to find useful examples.
  • Documentation of each of its features may or may not be available.
  • It requires a good deal of set up to start it.
  • Styling and layouts are inconsistent.


    Kony runs purely on java script .it used mostly in Windows and Mac systems. Low-code platform that allows seamlessly integrates and displays it develops native and hybrid and web apps from a single IDE using javascript it has a cloud-based preview.


  • Capabilities to check their real-time crashes.
  • Ideal for designing and testing apps.
  • It supports all kind of management augmented reality types of software.


  • Limited support for other languages except for English.
  • The manual is confusing instructions are not well explained.
  • Due to the scarcity of documentation and resource support it puts the developer in a peculiar situation.

Mono cross

Monocross is a C# .NET model viewer-controller framework where the model and controller are shared across platforms and the view is implemented for every specific platform or target architecture it used to make web-apps and normal apps and can also be used to share the business logic and data code.


  • It has easy third-party API integration.
  • Fast porting makes it easier for it to keep up with the platform changes.
  • It supports quite a diverse range of API’s .it makes mono cross completely utilize the device completely.
  • Monocross only require C# and .NET to develop apps.


  • The documentation and support are few in numbers so the developer found it difficult when they encounter an error.
  • The resources are hardly available.
  • It has not been updated in a few years.
  • Beginners find it most difficult in learning.

Apache Cordova

It was originally created or framework in mobile application it was rebranded as one of the open source tools which are comprised of the debugger, testing tools, and popular web technologies. The device’s capabilities have debunked in the recent past with the inclusion of a wide range of plugins and instant messaging allows them to share update frequently.


  • The code can be reused for all across various platforms.
  • It targets multiple platforms with a single code database.
  • The code works in all types of software such as Windows, Ios, Blackberry and Android.
  • It gives developers access to the latest features of apache by cutting the middle man.


  • Cordova is a UI and framework agnostic (it leaves all the work of designing and logistics to a developer).
  • Considering a framework it does a bit more hand-holding.
  • Performance error may occur due to graphics intensive apps.


Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google. They are used for development of android application and ios application. It runs on Dart virtual machine which features just-in-time execution engine. It uses single code base for creation both Android and iOS apps. It has many features such as Hot reload, equipped with native ARM and it has highly effective portable GPU rendering UI to work on latest interfaces. It is still in developing phase so there is not much information available about it but it may become one of the top development tools in cross-platforms. It sure is worth to keep an eye on it

The above-given tools are not ranked in order .they are some of the top tools than others they have reviewed and rated better than other tools available in the market. If someone wants to classify them they can only be categorized as a type or for its specific purposes the rest depends on you.