Connect hosting and domain

How to Connect Your Domain Name and Hosting Account

Welcome bunkers to the 3rd tutorial of our web development session. Today we will teach you how to connect a domain name brought from a domain registrar to a hosting account brought from different website. It is a very simple process, you can do it if you know how to drag and click the mouse and copy and paste a content.

We are assuming that you have:

  1. A Domain name
  2. A Hosting account
  3. And both are from different website.

Note: If both are from same website, it will be connected automatically.

So, let’s start connecting your domain to your hosting account

Step #1:

Let us consider you brought your hosting account from Copy all the nameservers from the hosting account. When you buy a domain from a website, the nameservers in the domain panel are updated of that website. But if you want to connect it to different hosting provider then just update the nameserver of that hosting website to your domain. This will redirect your request for this domain to the connected server.

How to connect domain and hosting - 1

Step #2:

Open your domain panel and select name server there.

How to connect domain and hosting - 2
How to connect domain and hosting - 3

Step #3:

Copy all the nameservers from hosting panel to domain panel and you are done. A domain and hosting connection usually take 1-day time to get connected in early days. But now it’s a fast process and happens within minutes.

Step #4:

To check whether you hosting account is connected to your domain account then just do the following steps:

  1. Open your hosting account and go to cPanel.
How to connect domain and hosting - 4
How to connect domain and hosting - 5
  • Click on the Server Information and view the shared IP address of the server
  • Now open Command Prompt (CMD) and type ping []
How to connect domain and hosting - 6
  • It will show the IP address, time, bytes and TTL of the given domain
  • If it shows the IP address of your hosting account, then its connected. Or else you must wait for a while longer.

So Simple isn’t! People who help your build your website charger a huge amount for such simple task. Follow us on this web development series and we will teach you everything regarding website development.

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