Getting Started With Coding

How to get started with coding as a beginner?

I hope you have already gave thought about getting started with coding ,developing  and other coding releated stuffs and you guys have already  read thousands of articles on  “How to start with coding?”

In today’s post I will present you with my thoughts on how I (Manuj Sharma ,Author at and Web & App Developer) started with coding, developing.

Before you skip the paragraph to steps to be followed and learn from it. I would like you to see on “How I was into the programming world”. I promise that it won’t be boring to read the upcoming paragraph.

How i started with coding

I remember that  I was just scrolling  the play store apps to see what was trending in the market and  i saw a calculator app having more than 10M downloads and I was like how is this possible.

As our android phone already comes with  pre-installed basic apps like calculator and yet people are downloading these apps as they were little different and also easy to use from the app which already comes pre-installed in the phone. So I thought that I should also start making apps now and generate revenue from apps. But previously i used to thought that an app needs to be in large scale and all but initially that was not the case.

So I started researching about developing in android and  i came to know that I should learn JAVA(A programming language) in order to develop apps in Android Studio(An IDE to build apps). I was little bit familiar about programming  but I was not that much into it.

So I started with the basics of JAVA programming and within a month I was able to code and do stuffs in that programming  language ,then I moved to Android Studio and started learning about building apps and it took a hell out of me to build an app and also a lot of patience  and now it’s been a year developing  android apps. So now I’ll  tell you how this was all possible for me to learn these.

Here are some of my advices you could follow

  • If you have no idea about coding and you want to start with it then just start with any programming language asap and don’t wait. “Just get started.” I suggest you to check out this article to get some idea about the top trending programming languages.
  • Learn the language properly and train yourself for it. Learn from tutorials , mentor or any source but always learn from someone ,of course you could learn on your own but learning from an experienced one can save your time. Here are some of my recommendations to learn programming from online courses
  • Learn Code Online
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Projects are very essential for a programmer to learn anything . Projects help you to understand the coding faster and it trains you to solve the problem. Do projects ,so that you would be able to apply your skills to it. I usually do minimum of 5 projects when I am learning something new.
  • Implement the coding skill you learnt to a framework/libraries or development .Like I learnt java and then I started implementing to it by developing apps. In this way you will enjoy  programming.
  • Wait- Have patience ,it takes time. Yes you will have hard times , you will get stuck, you may feel like giving up. But wait there and try to understand and have patience and one day you will be a better coder . If you are not able to solve any problem then remember that your friend Stack Overflow is there to help you.
  • Be in the coding community .Follow some coders on youtube who encourages coding and teach you to be a better coder. I am a fan of Hitesh Choudhary and I would recommend you to check out his channel. It’s amazing.

Finally  I want to say you that no coder or developer says that I know everything about  coding and I could do with out anyone help. Remember a developer cannot develop a website without or an app any help . You could only gain more experience in it and be more confident in it. I have seen many developers or coders getting stuck at a problem and they are seeking help from others online and it’s completely fine to do this. Don’t feel bad for it.

“Think like a coder, Be like a coder.”

“Think Twice ,Code Once!” Happy Coding.

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