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Software Technologies That Are Used In Indian Railways!

Indian Railways, often referred to as the lifeline of India, is the world’s fourth largest railway company that  operates approximately 68,000 kilometers of track across the country with more than 20,000 passenger trains being operated daily. When we talk about railways, many think the structure of it’s functioning mainly consists of mechanical working, but with the end of steam traction and the advent of electric traction across the country, the mechanical working has been more or less dependent on the order of various electronic chips, or, to say, software. There is a gradual rise in the use of software in the field of railways, at least from the last 5 years. This is due to the demand of high speed rail networks across the country, which is not possible without the use of software. Even the mode of booking a ticket for a journey is a software nowadays, which led to the easy feasibility of tickets during holiday season. Let us talk about the 5 major fields today where railways is dependent on software more than hardware work.

1. Software To Track Punctuality Of Trains:-

Indian Railways has generated a software named “e-DRISHTI” that helps to track the punctuality of trains all over the country, of all gauges. Using this software, Railway Minister can track any information with just a click of mouse — whether from his office or while on the move. It will also enable Minister to know at any given point of time day’s freight and passenger earnings, freight loading and unloading, punctuality, progress of major projects, public grievances, movement of trains across the country, details of railway stations and much more.

2. Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS):-

The UTS is a centralized ticketing application which allows the users to book an unreserved ticket through the comforts of their mobile. The UTS aims to reduce the hussle at the ticketing counters at various major stations where people queue for longer hours to get an unreserved ticket, which may either miss their train or might end up with them travelling without ticket, ending up with a fine levied on them. The application has been developed with a 3 layered architecture in C++. Currently the hardware is deployed across 8 data centres. To cater to the expansion of the user base for this application, the existing setup is being migrated to a high-end virtualized setup.

3. IRCTC Online Ticketing Software:-

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), with around 5,50,000 to 6,00,000 bookings every day is the world’s second busiest website that books on the internet. Passengers are allowed to book tickets through e-ticketing all the day except from 11:45 pm to 12:20 am, following when IRCTC shut down its main server for 35 minutes for maintenance. It is one of the most convenient source of booking tickets on Indian railways, and with the new GUI implemented, many more features were added to it. It is run by the Centre for Railway Information System(CRIS). It uses languages like NGINX , Weblogic, Gemfire Programming Language, Java, Angular , HTML , Primeng Database , Oracle Operating System , Linux for their front and back ends.

4. Railway Signalling Software:-

Indian Railways has started to use centralized software which is first installed in the control cabins of the railway stations and then are connected to both the mainline and the yard line. The software, once installed, controls automatically the signaling process depending upon the data feeded and the incoming data to the train’s exact location. The software is currently in use in major cities, and once the software proves it’s long term efficiency, it will be given implemented to other comparatively small stations as well.

So, hope this article was a fine example of the growing department of software in the field of railways.

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