How to deactivate a plugin from cPanel when WordPress Dashboard can’t be accessed

Working with WordPress brings a lot of technical difficulties and problems. One of the most annoying problem is not to access dashboard due to some malfunctioning plugins. So how to deactivate a problematic plugin when you can’t access dashboard. Don’t worry we are here to help you out from this problem.

deactivate a plugin using cPanel

When WordPress dashboard is not accessible due to some plugin then here the cPanel or any other control panel comes in handy. cPanel or any other control panel is not only for uploading and deleting files and creating database it can manipulate a lot of things. One of its function is it can deactivate a problematic plugin and regain a normal control over your website. Here we will show you how you can deactivate a WordPress plugin using cPanel.

Steps to deactivate plugin from cPanel :

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account using a link like www.yourwebsiteurl.com/cpanel . Any website’s cPanel can be accessed by just adding cPanel at the end of the URL.

Step 2: After entering our cPanel dashboard, go to file manager.

deactivate a plugin using cPanel

Step 3: Navigate to the root folder or the public_html folder in the file manager.

Step 4: Navigate to the wp-content folder in the public_html folder.

Step 5: Open the plugin folder in it.

Step 6: Select the plugin you want to deactivate and click rename.

Step 7: Rename the file by adding temp to it. By this, the plugin will be successfully deactive and your website will be running again smoothly.

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