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What Is A Domain Name And How To Register One

“What is a domain” is the first question arises in every novice mind when starting web developing. Many of the beginners are often filled with wrong ideas and definitions for such a simple word domain. In this guide we will clear all your domain related questions and cover about domain name, choosing and buying domain and about domain name servers (dns).

What is a Domain Name?

As per Wikipedia: “A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.”

Confusing right? Don’t worry we will simplify everything here for you. A Domain is the name which you give to your website. It is a unique string which directs to your website. For simpler meaning lets imagine a website as your office. Then the domain name will be the address of your office.

Internet is a giant network of computers connected through each other by large network of cables. Each computer who is a part of worldwide web (WWW) is assigned to an IP address which is a unique long string used to access it. It will look like

Isn’t it very difficult to remember it? Thus Domain names were invented. Now when you visit a website you don’t need to remember a long string of numbers, instead a small unique name and you will be directed to your desired website.

How Domain Name Works

As Discussed above, Internet is a giant connection of computer connected to each other. Computer which stores a website is called a server. Consider the same example, Imagine Office is your website and its address is your domain, then your office is the server. For someone to reach your office, he/she needs an address. Similarly for a computer to display a website it needs the IP address of the servers. Similarly every domain has a Domain Name System (DNS) which is the phone book of the Internet. It contains all the IPs that the domain is linking. For example if a domain is linking to a hosting provider like go-daddy then its name servers will be



So even ever a browser request for a website its domain first check in the name servers whether the IP is available, if yes it will return the IP to the browser and browser access the website.

Choosing a correct Domain Name:

Domain Names are available in many extensions like .net, .tv, .info, .io but the most popular extension is .com. There are extensions for particular countries even like .uk for United Kingdom, .de for Germany and .in for India. But our recommendation is to go with .com as it is popular and easy to remember. However one must consider all the below suggestions to seek a professional domain.

  1. Selecting .com extensions are always easy to remember and professional
  2. Keep the domain name as short as possible
  3. Trying selecting keywords for your domain name for seo purpose
  4. Strictly avoid hyphens
  5. Never copy some famous domains with different extensions

How to buy a domain

You can buy domains from many companies. Companies who register domains for the user are called domain registrars. These Companies usually charge a minimal of $14.99 for a year. But this also depends on the extension and domain registrars.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the official Company which gives license to all the domain registrars. There is also an official domain registrar called domain.com which provides domains with the same rate. You can buy hosting from any hosting provider and link your domain to that hosting provider through DNS.

We hope this guide cleared all your confusions and helped you understand the first step of web development very well. You can also get ideas of your domains through domain generators.

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