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Why Android Q Beta 3 Is The Next Big Thing In Market

As you all know, recently Android has launched its beta version of Android Q 10.0 . In this article we are going to discuss what’s  new in Android Q Beta 3(Android 10.0 beta 3)



In Android Q ,privacy has been  a central focus. In this beta version, it gives user control and transparency over how the information is used by apps and by phones.


To keep users secure, the BiometricPrompt authentication framework has been extended to suppport biometrics at a system level, extended support for passive authentication methods such as face and, implicit and explicit authentication  flows.

Overall the privacy and security has been improved over the previous versions of Android.


This is a new approach to keeping Android users secure and more up-to- date with important code changes directly from Google Play. ”Yes you read it right”. They are now able to update specific internal components within the OS itself. That helps in keeping the OS code fresher.


Android Q

The new Beta 3 allows the users to navigate the regular theme to dark theme . There is a new battery saver mode and when switched to the batter saver mode, it automatically changes to dark theme mode. Developers could use Theme.AppCompat.DayNight or Theme.MaterialComponents.DayNight to enable the feature setDefaultNightMode in their applications.


Gesture navaigation provide system wide and edge to edge experience,allowing the app to use more of the devices screen. On Beta 3 swipe Up shows home screen and swipe left?right will take you back to the previous app.

Android developer site says, Many of the latest Android devices feature beautiful edge-to-edge screens, and users want to take advantage of every bit of them. In Android Q we’re introducing a new fully gestural navigation mode that eliminates the navigation bar area and allows apps and games to use the full screen to deliver their content. It retains the familiar Back, Home, and recents navigation through edge swipes rather than visible buttons.


To enhance user privacy, android created sandboxed view of external storage that apps targeting Android Q, use by default. Your app can access files that it creates on external storage but access to others app’s files through runtime permissions is limited to common media types such as photos and music. To access other files, your app can request that the user give permission to access a particular file or directory by using either  the Action_Open_Document or Action_Open_Document_Tree.


To help you respond to your context  questions more efficiently, Android Q introduces smart actions. Smart actions can now automatically suggests actions and responses to conversations. It provides several suggestions to messages via notification. The developer  could use Suggestions From Conversation API in their applications .

These new features in Android Q beta 3 version are amazing. The above mentioned were some of the main features in this version. To know more
about this version visit, .Let’s see what new comes in newer version of android, till then stay tuned.

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