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Hello, welcome to Bunkerspoint. In this post we are going to discuss in detail about java and kotlin.

Programmers who want to become Android Developers are in a dilemma to choose Android Studio with Java or Kotlin. Since Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android Development, many of the beginners arises with a question that whether to start with  java or kotlin for Android Development.


Java is a very popular procedural programming language  used for software development, application development and much more. It is object-oriented, secure and platform independent ,on the other hand Kotlin is a modern functional programming language. It is object oriented and has full support for java interoperability. It runs on the JVM and uses java libraries and tools. Kotlin was developed for Android Developers as the need of modern language in Android Development.

So you’ll be thinking that Kotlin offers great features for android developers as it was designed for the needs of Android Developers  so why shouldn’t i learn Kotlin and develop android apps written in Kotlin but if you are a absolute beginner in Android Development then learn java first.


When you start learning Android Development you’ll need guides ,tutorials etc. Since java is an old popular language and its community is large you’ll get more help from java android tutorials, resources etc. whereas Kotlin community is still growing so kotlin android tutorials ,resources etc. would be less and you may not get that much help.

  • Java has large number of resources and libraries.
  • Has a lot of core features.
  • It is open source.
  • Java has a lot of open source Frameworks and Classes which helps developers.

Kotlin also have same features but for beginners java would be perfect because of large community and resources to learn and make most of it.


After building few projects in Android Studio using java ,do switch from Java to Kotlin and build some projects in Kotlin to understand the difference between both the languages. Even more you would also come to know which language better suits you for developing android apps.


Java over Kotlin is  a suggestion for beginners but intermediate/professional developers may have already switched from java to kotlin because kotlin is less verbose compared to java , null safety unlike java has null pointer exception and much more. Every language has its merits and demerits.Developers would choose a language based on the performance and need of a particular language.

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